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Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Repair

Tube Heat Exchanger Repair


Leaders in Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Repair

The heat exchanger in your heavy-duty application regulates the engine’s temperature and helps ensure all parts and equipment are operating as intended. Leaks in your heat exchanger system may cause long-term damage—so be sure to work with the experts at SouthPOINTE Radiator to address these issues before they become real problems.

A heat exchanger in an engine cooling package disperses engine heat from the coolant, which flows through tubes and lowers the engine coolant’s temperature while heating the secondary coolant flowing in through the shell.

How heat exchangers work

A heat exchanger distributes a fluid’s heat and passes it to another fluid without mixing the two together. The underlying principle is that a heat exchanger extracts the heat from a fluid—in liquid or gas form—without removing the fluid itself. Many trucks have shell and tube heat exchangers, in which one fluid flows through metal tubes and another fluid goes through the sealed shell surrounding them.

Heat exchangers are not just used for trucks—they are found in manufacturing equipment, machines and ships, as well. A well-functioning heat exchanger helps your equipment run more efficiently and use less fuel.

Just like any other part of your equipment’s cooling system, the heat exchanger may need to be addressed as time goes on. This includes repairing or replacing tubes, shell replacement, tie-rods, spacers and seal strips, among parts.

Turn to our respected team of heat exchanger repair professionals

Shell and tube heat exchangers help your equipment run at its best. The expert team at SouthPOINTE Radiator knows how to identify and repair a wide range of equipment issues, backed by our more than 30 years of serving a wide range of customers. We are a respected family-owned and operated a business.

Located in Taylor, Michigan, we serve heat exchanger owners throughout the Detroit metro area. Give us a call today at 888-897-6265 or contact us online to get started.

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